Trumese Pie

Trumese Pie

Sprinkle fine chopped onion and parsley in baking dish and lay in slices of trumese (part nutmese if desired). Repeat the same until about 1 lb. of trumese has been used. Sprinkle last with onion and parsley.


Rub together 5 tablespns. oil or melted butter and 5 or 6 tablespns. of flour. Add 1 qt. of boiling water, boil up, add salt and pour over trumese. When cool enough, cover with biscuit of universal crust. Cover and let stand in a warm place until crust is very light, then bake in a moderate oven about 3/4 of an hour. Cover with paper or asbestos sheet if the crust becomes brown before baking is finished. It is well to have some extra sauce to serve with the pie. This dish is a general favorite. Finely-sliced celery or 1 teaspn. of celery salt or 3/4 teaspn. of sage may be substituted for the onion.

Rice and Trumese Pie

Boil 1 cup of rice in salted water. When done add 1/2 cup of milk; spread over above pie instead of universal crust and bake at once, covered most of the time. Use the 6 tablespns. of flour in making sauce for rice crust.

Nicely seasoned, not too moist mashed potato, without eggy may be used for crust, A little chopped parsley mixed with the potato makes it more attractive.

A pastry crust not quite so rich as for fruit pies is nice also; put a small cup or mold in the center of the dish to hold it up.

Savory Sauce or Vegetable Gravy may be poured over chopped or sliced trumese, and a nicely seasoned stuffing used for the crust, for a different pie. Slices of hard boiled eggs may be combined with trumese.

All Ready Crusts

When keeping house I nearly always have on hand crusts, either raised or pastry, baked on tins about the size of my pudding dish, so that I can lay them over the top of pie fillings or a nicely seasoned stew and just heat them through in the oven. Small pastry crusts, the size of individual dishes, are very convenient sometimes.