Well oil the inside of a kettle. Place in it the filling and crust for trumese pie, making the sauce with 1 or 2 tablespns. less of flour. When crust is light, set the kettle covered tight, over a moderate fire, and when it comes to the boiling point let it just simmer for 30-35 m. without removing the cover. It may be necessary to very carefully place an asbestos pad under the kettle during the latter part of the cooking. Serve with dumplings around edge of platter, and trumese with gravy in center.

The dumplings may be steamed on a pie pan (perforated if convenient) and laid over the filling which has been baked in a pudding dish as for trumese pie.

A nicely seasoned trumese stew may be served with a border of small steamed dumplings, and other varieties of pot pie may be made according to taste and convenience.