How To Make Trumese and Mushrooms a la Crême

1 lb. trumese

1 can (1 cup) mushrooms zwieback, cracker crumbs or granella 3-4 tablespns. oil

2 tablespns. chopped onion 4-5 tablespns. flour 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup cream 3/4 teaspn. salt

Simmer onion (without browning) in oil, add flour, water, cream and salt. When smooth, remove at once from fire and mix in lightly the mushrooms in halves or quarters and the trumese in small dice. Put into scallop dish, or pile in the center of shells. Sprinkle lightly with crumbs or granella and bake in a quick oven until a delicate brown and just heated through. When shells are used they should be set in a dripping pan and baked on top grate of oven. They must not bake too long. If the.shells are the large silver ones, they can be prettily garnished. Serve on small plates, with delicate unfermented bread and celery if desired. Small patty pan shells of pie paste may be used.

When this dish was served at a diplomatic dinner in Washington, one of the guests pronounced it "sweetbreads" and could not be convinced to the contrary.

Trumese and Celery a la Crême

Substitute 1 1/4 cup (1 1/4 pt. before cooking) stewed celery for the mushrooms; or for

Trumese and Macaroni a la Crême

Use 1 cup small macaroni which has been cooked with a little garlic in the water; or for

Trumese and Oyster Plant a la Crême

Take 1 1/4 cup cooked oyster plant, and use the liquor in which it was cooked in place of water for the sauce.