Prepare vegetables (half or whole quantity) as for Trumese en Casserole, of Trumese Dishes, use a little more liquid, thickened a trifle. Cover and bake until vegetables are nearly or quite tender, 1 - 1 1/4 hours. Remove from fire, cool to just warm (if universal crust is to be used), cover with crust, let rise, and bake; or, the crust may be baked or steamed in a pie plate separately and laid over the baked filling. If steamed, it will be dumplings.

A combination of equal quantities potatoes, turnips, parsnips, carrots and onions covered with consommé, or very fresh milk, and baked, may be used for a pie. Sometimes, when no potatoes are used, lay sliced tomatoes on top of the vegetables.

Chopped parsley is suitable for all combinations. Garlic, if liked, is nearly always an improvement.

Cooked instead of uncooked vegetables may be used.

Sliced hard boiled eggs give variety and add to the nutritive value of pies.

When liquid is not thickened, sprinkle a little fine tapioca between layers of vegetables.