Cucumber and Onion Salad

Cut short crisp cucumbers in halves lengthwise, hollow out the center to within a half inch of the rind, pare shells carefully and drop into ice water. Slice or chop the centers, mix with fine cut raw onion, salt and French or improved mayonnaise dressing. Drain and thoroughly dry shells, fill with mixture, lay on leaves of lettuce, sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve. Cut long cucumbers into two-inch lengths, remove centers, set rings upright on lettuce and fill. Pass dressing if more is desired.

Asparagus Mayonnaise

Place six-inch stalks of cooked asparagus in rail fence style just inside a lettuce or endive border on a platter, with lemon cups of mayonnaise (one for each person to be served) in the center.

String Bean and Celery Salad

Cut tender celery into eighth-inch crescents, pour over it lemonade dressing without the water in the proportion of one cup of dressing to each half cup of celery. Stand in a cool place for an hour or longer, then serve over young string beans which have been cooked in salted water until tender. Canned stringless or string beans may be used.

Stuffed Tomato Salad

Fill hollowed out tomatoes with a mixture of drained, salted, grated cucmbers, fine chopped onion and improved mayonnaise or French dressing. Serve in nest of lettuce with dressing.

Or, use celery with improved mayonnaise dressing, in place of cucumber and onion, with border of nuts.

Additional Salad Combinations

Dressings given only where some special ones are required.

Beets-sliced or chopped-lemon juice and sugar.

Beets and celery-lemonade, cream or mayonnaise dressing.

Brussels sprouts, whole or in halves. Garnish with halves of nuts sometimes.

Cabbage and onion-nut dressing without egg, of roasted or unroasted peanut butter.

Cabbage and pecan nuts.

Carrots-cooked, sliced or chopped, with French, nut or improved mayonnaise dressing in green border; nasturtiums sometimes.

Ring of fresh grated cocoanut around mound of grated or fine ground raw carrot with cooked cream or whipped cream or mayonnaise dressing in lettuce border.

Raw carrot, grated or chopped fine, and celery or onion.

Carrot cups of the large end of boiled carrots, Filling of carrot and onion or celery-French or mayonnaise dressing-row of green peas around inside edge of cup.

Celery and tomato-cream, almond, cream mayonnaise or French dressing.

Celery or beet and cocoanut-cream or mayonnaise dressing -lettuce.

Celery and green peas-nut meats if wished.

Celery and chopped lettuce-onion if desired.

Celery and Brazil nut slices-sweet or sour dressing.

Cucumber and tomato-lettuce-improved mayonnaise or French dressing.

Cucumber and radish.

Cucumber and onion-whipped sour cream dressing.

Peas and onion-nut dressing-no eggs, of roasted peanut butter. May be served in lemon cups with a half nut meat on top.

Peas and carrot-onion if liked.

Molds of chopped cooked spinach on slices of nut meat, or cold boiled beets or turnips-mayonnaise, improved mayonnaise or French dressing.

Blanched inside leaves of raw spinach and fine chopped onion or chives.

String or wax beans and egg.

Wax beans, nuts or stoned ripe olives, lettuce.