Vegetable Soup No. 1

1 cup each carrot, turnip and parsnip in small pieces 2 cups each onion and celery

1/2 cup rice

2 tablespns. raw nut butter

2 qts. boiling water salt

Cook all except rice for 1/2 hour, add rice and cook until it is tender; add 1 tablespn. parsley, more salt and water if necessary.

Vegetable Soup No. 2

Equal quantities carrot and turnip in small pieces, twice as much onion and celery, with raw nut butter and water. Cook until vegetables are tender; add salt and necessary water. In their season, asparagus, peas, and string beans may be added.

Vegetable Soup No. 3

Simmer sliced onions, celery or carrots and cabbage in water, with raw nut butter, until tender. Add browned flour, salt and necessary water; heat.

Mashed legumes may be used in place of nut butter in these vegetable soups. Or they may be made into cream soups by using milk instead of nut butter and water, with or without thickening. Chopped parsley may be used in any of them.