1 qt. true whole wheat flour 1/3 cup oil

1/2 teaspn. salt 1 scant cup ice water, about

Rub salt and oil with flour, add water, knead until smooth (the dough should be very stiff), then separate dough into several pieces and put it through the food cutter 6 or 8 times. This takes the place of the laborious beating. Shape into small thick biscuit; make a hole through the center of each one from the top with the thumb or finger, rest; bake thoroughly in moderate oven.

If you have time to form the biscuit you will be well repaid for your trouble as they are so beautiful; but if your time is limited, roll the dough 1/2-1 in. thick, cut with small round cutter and prick with fork. You may even cut the dough into small squares. Rolled very thin, cut with a large cutter and pricked well, the dough makes nice wafers. If a food cutter is not at hand, beat with a mallet or the rolling pin, or pick apart with the thumb and fingers, over and over again, until the dough snaps when pulled apart.

A cup of medium thick cream may be used instead of oil and water.

Maryland Beaten Biscuit

1 qt. white flour 1 teaspn. salt 2-4 tablespns. oil or 1-2 tablespns. butter,

(use only 1/2 teaspn. salt with butter)

3/4-7/8 cup of ice cold milk or water, or half of each

Proceed as with whole wheat biscuit.

Maryland Biscuit-Unbeaten

1 qt. whole wheat or white flour salt

4 tablespns. oil or melted butter cold water or milk for stiffest possible dough

Knead 20 m., or until dough blisters; set aside 1-2 hrs., or overnight; knead 5-10 m., roll and cut, or shape by hand. Bake.