Select onions of about equal size. Peel them, then at the root end cut into the onion about 1/3 of the way at right angles. This causes the onion to cook tender at the heart. Let stand in cold water 20 m. to 1 hour. Put into boiling salted water and cook until tender, 3/4 - 1 1/2 hour. The water may be changed after 15 m. boiling. Drain, add cream, cream sauce or butter, heat a moment (do not boil with cream), serve. Some prefer onions plain with a little of the liquid in which they were boiled.

Drain young onions slightly when about half done, pour on milk and simmer until tender.


Cut peeled onions into halves, then into quarters, and slice across in thin slices. Put into just enough boiling salted water to cook tender; dry out well and serve plain or add a little oil or melted butter, hot cream or cream sauce. Serve sometimes over plain boiled or mashed potatoes. Raw or steamed nut butter may be cooked with the onions.


Select large, perfect onions; peel, and boil until about half done; drain, put into a baking pan, sprinkle with salt and crumbs, pour a little oil or melted butter over and bake, covered part of the time, until tender.

Onions may be dried after boiling, wrapped in oiled paper, baked and served with melted butter or cream sauce.


Slice onions and let them lie in cold water (no salt) for an hour or more, changing the water occasionally. Drain, dry and serve with salt, salt and oil or lemon juice or with French dressing. If in a hurry to use them, dip sliced onions quickly into boiling water, then into cold water and serve as before. Sprigs of parsley are sometimes passed after dishes containing onions to destroy the odor in the breath.