Mashed Pumpkin

Select a nice, rich, fine grained pumpkin, saw into halves, remove the seeds and fibre with a spoon and cut into small pieces without paring. Steam, or stew in a small quantity of water.

Drain if watery in cheese cloth. When dry, mash and season with cream or butter and salt. Heat in double boiler or oven, stirring. Serve in mound on hot dish, or put into baking dish, sprinkle with crumbs and brown in oven.

Baked Pumpkin

Place halves of pumpkin from which the seeds have been removed, cut side down upon a tin. Bake until tender and dry. Scrape from the shell, mash, season and serve.

Baked Pumpkin--Individual

Cut pumpkin into not too small pieces and lay cut side down on waxed paper in baking tin. Serve as baked potatoes.