Wash spinach the same as other greens, p. 253. Cook in boiling salted water until tender, 10-30 m. Lift from the water with skimmer into a colander. (Save water for soups and sauces. ) Press dry with a plate. Lay in hot pan and cut across a few times but do not chop; return to colander, pressing in firmly, to mold. Turn the dish in which it is to be served over the colander and unmold. Garnish with triangles of toast and hard boiled eggs. Pass oil, quarters of lemon or lemon juice, Sauce Américaine or French or Mayonnaise dressing with it. Manv prefer it with salt and oil alone. It may also be served with cream sauce, or drawn butter with lemon juice.

Overcooking develops a strong flavor and causes spinach to lose its bright green color.

When spinach is young and sweet, it may be cooked without the addition of water by covering close and heating slowly at first; but when there is danger of its being bitter it should be cooked in plenty of water.

Spinach with Cream

Pour hot cream over cooked spinach in vegetable dish. Spinach is sometimes rubbed through a colander after cooking and served with whipped cream, for luncheon or supper.