2 qts. water

2 tablespns. hops

6 medium sized or 3 very large potatoes 1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup salt

1 cup soft yeast, or 2 cakes of good dry yeast (yeast foam when obtainable)

Dissolve yeast in warm water with part of the sugar. Simmer the hops in water for half an hour, strain, add enough water to make 2 qts. and keep at boiling point. Put sugar and salt into a large granite or porcelain kettle, quickly grate the pared potatoes over them, set the kettle over the fire and pour the boiling hop water on to the mixture, stirring; let boil until thickened, remove from fire, cool to lukewarm, add the yeast, beating it in well and let stand on table or shelf in warm kitchen; as it rises, stir it down once in a while; when well risen, set in a cool place and stir down occasionally until it does not rise any more. Fill clean cold jars about 2/3 full and when settled, fasten covers on and put in ice box.

Use 1 tablespn. of yeast to each pint of water when setting bread over night, and double the quantity for starting in the morning.