Several years ago as I was leaving Washington after giving a course of demonstration lectures in hygienic cookery, I was impressed with the thought that a cook book (which my friends had been urging me to write) giving the results of my experience, would be the means of reaching the greatest number of people with knowledge on health subjects.

As a result of that thought, this book comes with earnest, heartfelt greeting to all other works of the same nature, not as a rival but as a co-worker in the great plan of glorifying our Creator. 1 Cor. 10:31.

In its preparation, I have purposed to make the book practical, avoiding technicalities and to some extent conventionalities, and have endeavored to "meet the people where they are" by not being extreme or radical; and at the same time to make principles of truth so clear that many will be won from "the indulgence of appetite, which places them in such a condition of health that there is a constant warring against the soul's highest interests."

While there are recipes especially for those who entertain, there is an abundant variety of directions for carefully prepared simple dishes.

The explicit general directions will not be needed by all, but from my twenty years of experience in teaching, I know that many will value them.

The foods richest in proteids are classed as "True Meats" and no flesh meat names are used in the book.

This collection contains the choicest of those of my recipes which have been published by others in various books and periodicals at different times.

I am indebted to an innumerable company of people of all classes for ideas, for which I would be glad to thank each one personally if it were possible.

Though there is hardly any choice, the recipes marked with a star are especially practical and desirable.

All unnamed quotations are from "The Ministry of Healing" or other works by the same author.

That "The Laurel Health Cookery" may bring rich blessings to many households is my earnest prayer.

Evora Bucknum Perkins

"Many will be rescued from physical, mental and moral degeneracy through the practical influence of health reform. Health talks will be given, publications will be multiplied.

'The principles of health reform will be received with favor; and many will be enlightened."