Number One

Tomato Shortcake Crackers Pine Nut Cheese

Lemon Egg Cream

Number Two

Hot Egg Sandwich

Lettuce-French or Mayonnaise Dressing

Number Three

Timbales of Corn Whole Wheat Popovers Graham Crisps


Number Four

Consomme-Sticks Celery Sandwiches Washington Pie

Number Five

Bread Omelet with Molasses Sauce Graham Wafers Tea-Hygiene

Number Six

Sunflower Mayonnaise Sticks

Bread and Butter Apples, Peaches or Pears, or Canned Peaches or Pears

Number Seven

Apple Salad-Almond or Cream Dressing Whole Wheat Sticks (shortened) Bread and Butter Rich Small Cakes