Fruit and Nut Tomatoes

Mix equal parts chopped nuts, currants and fine cut citron with two parts raisins cut fine and a little sugar. Fill hollowed and drained tomatoes. Bake, serve plain or with cream or whipped cream. Raisins and cocoanut with sugar, may be used, or either one alone.

Peeled Tomatoes Baked

Set whole peeled tomatoes in pudding dish, sprinkle generously with salt, cover with buttered crumbs and bake: or, omit crumbs and when tender, pour over them a thin cream sauce; sprinkle with parsley and leave in oven 10-15 m.

Rich Baked Sliced Tomatoes

Cut tomatoes that are not too ripe into thick slices (halves if thin), sprinkle with salt, chopped onion and garlic if liked, and pour a little melted butter over. Bake. After laying slices of tomato on to rounds of toast, add butter and flour to liquid in pan, then a little cream; boil up and pour around tomatoes on toast.

Oil and nut milk or cream may be used instead of butter and dairy cream.

Broiled or Baked Tomatoes

Dip thick slices of not too ripe tomatoes in Mayonnaise or Improved Mayonnaise dressing, then in fine sifted bread or cracker crumbs. Brown in wire broiler or lay in agate pan and bake in hot oven.

Tomato Short Cake

Cover layers of split hot short cake crust of universal dough with Cream of Tomato sauce and serve. Or, prepare unstrained tomatoes the same as for sauce and serve over the crust.