Plain French Omelet

3 eggs 1-3 tablespns. water 1/2 teaspn. salt

Beat. Have butter or oil in pan to well cover the bottom. Heat hot, but not to smoking or brownness. Turn the eggs in and with a spatula (or a thin bladed knife) lift the set portions, allowing the liquid part to run underneath. When all is set, jelly-like, not hard, roll quickly from one side into the form, as one writer says, of an "oval cushion." Hold omelet for a moment over the fire to take a delicate cream color underneath. Turn on to a hot platter, the under side up, garnish and serve.

Apple and Onion Omelet

Garnish omelet with apple and onion sauce.

Apricot Omelet

Stewed, dried apricots folded in omelet.

Asparagus Omelet

Season asparagus tips with butter and salt; lay between folds of omelet and on the top, or, pile at one side of the omelet. The butter may be omitted and a rich cream or egg cream sauce poured over the tips and around the omelet.

Banana Cream Omelet

Heat, do not boil cream and sugar; add banana cut into small dice; cover omelet (which has had a little sugar beaten with the eggs), fold, serve with wafers. Do not heat the cream after adding the banana.

Corn Omelet

Use 1-1 1/2 tablespn. nicely seasoned, rather dry stewed corn (no water) for each egg. Mix well and cook as plain omelet. Use 1 tablespn. grated fresh corn for each egg. Creamed dried corn may be used.

Crumb Omelet

2 eggs, 2 tablespns. bread crumbs, 1/4 cup milk, salt. Beat eggs together or separately.

Fine Herbs Omelet

Finely-chopped fresh thyme, tarragon and chives; or, parsley, thyme and marjoram, beaten with the eggs. Lemon butter sauce may be spread over the omelet after it is on the platter.

Gooseberry Omelet

Spread omelet with not too sweet stewed gooseberries.

Imperial Omelet

Serve with Sauce Imperial.

Jelly Omelet

Spread with jelly before folding; or garnish with spoonfuls; or unmold a small flat mold of jelly beside the omelet on the platter and serve with it. Garnish with geranium or spinach leaves.

Mayonnaise Omelet

Spread or garnish with Improved Mayonnaise dressing.

Mushroom Omelet

Cook mushrooms, fresh, in their own juices, in a double boiler with butter and salt. Cover half the omelet before folding and garnish the folded omelet with some of the most perfect mushrooms. Pour the liquid around. Chopped mushrooms may be used on the inside if prepared in the same way.

Another-Broil the mushrooms, pour melted butter over and use in the same way as above.

Nut Omelet

Add a few broken or coarse chopped nuts to egg mixture and garnish top with halves of nuts.

Onion Omelet

Add grated or finely-sliced onion and chopped parsley to egg mixture. Cook omelet very soft. Or, simmer sliced onions in oil till tender (not brown), add egg mixture and cook. Or, simmer onions in oil, drain oil into omelet pan, cook omelet and cover with onions before folding.

Onion and Tomato Omelet

Simmer onions in oil, add a little drained, stewed tomato and salt, heat and serve around omelet.

Oyster Plant Omelet

Cover omelet with stewed oyster plant in slices with a little of the liquor seasoned with butter, cream or cream sauce, before folding.

Parsley Omelet

Chopped parsley in omelet mixture and omelet served with parsley butter.

Peas-green Omelet

Same as oyster plant omelet. The dried chick peas, cooked and richly seasoned as on p. 194, make a delightful accompaniment.

Peas-mashed Omelet

1 tablespn. of mashed peas and 1/2 tablespn. of water to each egg. Salt.

Prune Omelet

Prunes stewed in a small quantity of water so that the syrup is rich; pitted, quartered and folded into omelet.

Rice Omelet

Mix boiled rice with eggs, cook soft, serve with tomato sauce if desired.

Tomato Omelet

Drain stewed tomatoes, season well with butter and salt, or salt only. Serve in and around omelet. Or, thick tomato pulp may be added to the egg mixture. Serve omelet plain or with cream sauce.

Trumese Salad Entrée Omelet

Lay strips of trumese salad entree on half of omelet; fold, turn on to platter, pour dressing around; garnish with parsley or spinach leaves.

Omelet with Okra in Almond Cream Sauce

3/4 tablespn. almond butter, 1/3 cup water, salt, mix, boil; add 2/3 cup drained stewed okra, heat. Serve in and around 3-egg omelet.

Vegetable Pudding Omelet

Put hot creamed vegetables-asparagus, peas, peas and carrot, or any preferred, in bottom of pudding dish. Cover with omelet mixture, bake in moderate oven till eggs are just creamy and delicately browned; serve at once.

Foam Omelet

Mix beaten yolks with 1/3 less water than for the puff omelet; cook until delicately jellied, spread stiffly-beaten whites near the edge of half the omelet; set on top grate of oven to warm. Fold and serve at once. Omelet may be dotted with jelly before putting the whites on. Half the beaten whites may be mixed with yolks as in puff omelets.

Grape Omelet

Use grape juice instead of water in puff omelet. Fold and dust with powdered sugar.

Unroasted Nut Butter Omelet

2 teaspns. steamed nut butter 1 1/2 tablespn. water 2 eggs

Mix nut butter, water, yolks and a little salt; add stiffly-beaten whites and cook as puff omelet. 1 1/2 tablespn. of cooked cream of raw nut butter may be used if more convenient.

Almond Butter Omelet

1 teaspn. almond butter and 1/2 tablespn. water to each egg; combine and cook as above.