Peanuts - ground nuts, because of their large proportion of oil, and similarity in other respects to nuts are classed with them, though they are truly legumes.

The Spanish peanut contains more oil than the Virginia, but the flavor of the Virginia is finer and its large size makes it easier to prepare. The "Jumbos" are the cheapest.

To blanch Spanish peanuts the usual way, heat for some time, without browning, in a slow oven, stirring often. When cool rub between the hands or in a bag to remove the skins. The best way to blow the hulls away after they are removed is to turn the nuts from one pan to another in the wind.

Spanish peanuts can be obtained all ready blanched from the nut food factories.

The Virginias, not being so rich in oil must always be blanched the same as almonds. Be sure to let them boil well before draining. I prefer to blanch the Spanish ones that way, too, the results are so much more satisfactory.

When peanuts are partly dried, break them apart and remove the germ, which is disagreeable and unwholesome: then finish drying.