Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Take 3/4 - 1 teaspn. thick tomato pulp to each egg, with salt. May flavor with onion.

Sour Milk Scrambled Eggs

1 tablespn. thick sour milk to each egg, salt; cook till just done.

Various Scrambles

Simmer sliced celery or onion in oil a few minutes before adding eggs. Or, add asparagus tips, green peas, mushrooms, a little boiled rice or a few broken nuts or bits of trumese or nutmese to eggs before scrambling. The yolks only may be scrambled.

Cream Sauce Scramble

Add 3 eggs to each half-cup of hot cream sauce; mix until done. Garnish with sliced tomato. Mushrooms may be added to the cream sauce before the eggs. Any desired sauce may be used.

Florentine Scrambled Eggs

Spread nicely scrambled eggs on rounds of moistened toast and place a broiled or baked half of tomato on top. Garnish with parsley or spinach leaves or with lettuce and fringed celery.