Number One

Stewed Fresh Tomatoes

Bread and Butter White Crackers

Fruit and Nut Relish

Number Two

Bread and Milk- Baked Sweet Apples or

Blueberries or Black Raspberries

Number Three

Nuts Crackers

Apples or Other Fruit

Number Four

Rhode Island Johnny Cakes-Honey

Cocoanut Crisps Tea-Hygiene

Number Five

Rice Cakes or Milk Toast

Sliced or Stewed Peaches Old Friend Sponge Cake

Number Six

Baked Apples, Pears and Grapes, or Apples, Grapes and Figs, or Sour Apples and Sweet Apples

Number Seven

Rusk or Granella and Milk

Number Eight

Acushnet Hash Water Corn Bread Whole Wheat Wafers

Cereal Coffee

Number Nine

Cream of Tomato Soup-Soup Crackers

Bread and Butter Apple Sauce

Number Ten

Cream of Corn Toast Rolls Honey