Sour cream may be used without soda in-Pie Crust; Shortcake Crust; Dumplings for Pot Pies; Steamed Puddings, and all places where universal crust is used; Salad Dressings in all places where sweet cream is used; Soups, just before serving; Stewed Cabbage and Stewed Tomatoes; Gravy; Macaroni: Cottage Cheese-much better than sweet cream; Dominion Salad Dressing; Crackers: Cream Lemon Sauce; Lemon Cream Sauce; Sauce Antique: Pie Filling and Cake Fillings. With Green Peas, mixed with a Little flour before putting it in, it can not be distinguished from sweet cream: and the same with all vegetables with which I have tried it excepting string beans: in those it tastes a little tart. It may be poured over Trumese in half-loaves or in slices to bake; and Whipped, when the slight tartness is desirable.