Date And Rice Pudding

Serve plain boiled rice as a pudding with cooked dates and whipped cream. Chop the dates in small pieces, add a little water and cook until tender. Serve with a border of boiled rice and cover with whipped cream.

Rice Pudding A La Francaise

4 ounces Carolina rice 1 pint of milk I ounce of butter

2 ounces sugar

4 drops essence vanilla or

4 ounces of ground almonds

Wash the rice thoroughly, and put into a double saucepan with the milk, butter and sugar, and allow it to cook slowly for two hours, stirring occasionally. Turn out, and when cold, add the vanilla or almonds. Grease a pudding dish, and steam the mixture for one hour and a half. Serve with jam or sweet sauce.

Rice Whole In Molds

4 ounces rice 1 pint milk

1 dessertspoon sugar 1 bay leaf

Wash the rice; put it in a double boiler after picking it over. Boil the milk, and pour it over the rice; add the bay leaf and sugar; if the flavor of lemon is preferred, add half the thin rind of a lemon. Cook the rice for two hours and a half, and see that the water in the outer pan is kept boiling all the time, and the pan is not allowed to boil dry. Pour into a damp mold, or small molds, and put in a cool place for five or six hours. Turn out carefully. Serve stewed fruit with the molds. If small molds are used, put a candied cherry or strawberry on top of each, and serve with whipped cream.

Rice And Almond Molds

4 ounces rice 1 quart milk

2 tablespoons sugar 1 ounce sweet almonds

2 bitter almonds

Blanch the almonds, and put them through the nut mill; then pound them in a mortar, adding one drop of water from time to time, to prevent them oiling. Wash the rice carefully, and put it in a double pan with the sugar and almonds. Let it cook until the rice is tender, being careful to keep plenty of boiling water in the outer pan; it will take about two hours and a half to cook. Stir occasionally while the rice is cooking. Beat it with a wooden spoon for a minute, and press it into a damp mold. Let it stand in a cool place for at least five hours. Turn it out carefully, and pour cream over it.

Rice Balls

3 ounces of rice 1/2 pint of milk

Rind of 1 lemon A pinch of sugar

Pick over the rice, but do not wash it; put it into a saucepan with sufficient water to cover it, with the sugar, and let it sweH till the water is absorbed. Add the milk and lemon rind, and stew gently for an hour; put into small molds, and serve with stewed fruit.

Rice Blanc Mange

2 1/2 ounces ground rice 1 bay leaf

1/2 pint milk

1 tablespoon sugar

Take enough milk from the pint to mix the rice smoothly. Put the remainder in an enameled saucepan with the bay leaf, and let it remain until the milk is nicely flavored. If lemon flavor is preferred, use the thin rind of half a lemon. Remove the flavoring, and add the sugar, and pour the mixed rice in, stirring as the milk is poured in.

Return the mixture to a saucepan, and boil until the rice leaves the spoon easily, stirring the whole time. Pour into a damp mold, and let it stand in a cool place, for three or four hours before turning out. Serve stewed fruit with the blanc mange.