Fig Pudding No. 1

8 ounces of figs

8 ounces of bread or rusk crumbs

6 ounces of butter

1 ounce of sugar

1 tablespoon of syrup

1/2 pint milk

Warm the syrup and milk together, chop the figs very fine. Mix the sugar and butter together; add to the other ingredients, and mix very carefully. Steam in a buttered basin one hour and a half.

Fig Pudding No. 2

4 ounces of bread crumbs 3 ounces of figs

1/2 lemon rind 1/2 pint milk

I tablespoon sugar

Chop the figs into small pieces, and mix well with the bread crumbs, sugar and grated lemon rind. Add the milk, and mix all well together; pour into a well-buttered basin, and steam for three hours.