Nut Pudding No. 1

6 ounces of Pignolias 6 ounces of almonds 6 ounces of walnuts

Whites of 4 eggs

4 ounces of rusk crumbs

Flavor with a little lemon

Prepare the nuts, and put them two or three times through a good nut mill; then pound in a mortar; add the rusk crumbs. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, add the flavoring, and mix all well together. Put into a well greased basin, and steam for about seven hours. It may be cooked without rusk crumbs if desired, and is nice either cold or hot.

Nut Pudding No. 2

4 ounces Pignolias 4 ounces almonds

4 ounces rusk crumbs 4 ounces sultanas

Whites of 4 eggs

Prepare the nuts, and grind in a nut mill; then pound with a pestle and mortar thoroughly. Put the rusk crumbs through the nut mill and then through the sieve; pick over, and soak the sultanas in cold water over night, strain, and add them to the nuts and crumbs. Beat whites of eggs to stiff froth, and mix in last. Put into a basin, and steam for six or seven hours.

Nut Pudding No. 3

4 ounces pine kernels 4 ounces almonds

4 ounces Brazil nuts 4 ounces walnuts

Whites of 5 eggs

Grind the nuts, and pound them in a mortar. Add the whites of eggs beaten stiff, and steam in a well greased basin for about five hours.