Omelets may be made with asparagus, cauliflower, lima beans, onions, peas, lentils, granose, gluten, rice, nuts, etc.

Boil the vegetables till tender, chop fine, then beat with the eggs and proceed as with plain omelets.

Take two eggs, separate whites from yolks, beat whites very stiff, salt, and add yolks, beating just enough to mix yolks with whites. Turn into a hot oiled omelet pan, put in medium hot oven, and bake till done, or to a rich brown. Serve in great haste on being removed from the oven, to prevent falling.

Eggs, 4.

Powdered sugar, 2 tablespoonfuls.


Beat the yolks of the eggs as light as possible, and add the sugar, a few drops of flavoring, and beat to a cream. Beat the whites until you can turn the plate bottom side up, without their falling. Pour the beaten whites and yolks together and mix thoroughly. Put into an oiled baking dish, and dust with powdered sugar. Bake in a moderate oven till a golden brown. Serve at once.

A very delicate souffle is made of whites of eggs beaten stiff, adding a tablespoonful of sugar to two whites, and chopped apricots or peaches. Any kind of marmalade may be used in place of fruit.

Plain Omelet (French)

Break eggs into a dish, whip lightly with egg whip or fork, turn into hot oiled skillet, and place on range. As soon as they begin to set, lift edges of omelet, so that the uncoagulated part can run under, next to bottom of the skillet. When light brown, turn, and cook till light brown on the other side. Fold with knife about one-third over; then toss out on hot platter, so that the one-third fold will be underneath. Garnish with parsley and water-cress. Serve at once.

Protose Omelet

Protose, a thin slice. Eggs, 2. Minced parsley. Cooking oil.

Mince the protose fine, break two eggs, separating the whites, beat the yolks a little, and stir the minced protose into them. Beat the whites into a froth, not stiff, and stir into the protose; add a little minced parsley; put a little oil into the omelet pan, and when hot pour in the mixture. Cook a few minutes. Insert a knife between the omelet arid pan, and with a sudden turn of the hand fold the omelet in two. Finish cooking in hot oven two or three seconds. Serve hot.

Gluten Omelet

Same as plain omelet, adding one tablespoonful of gluten to eggs and cream before whipping. Serve at once on a hot platter.

Rice Omelet

Same as plain omelet, only adding one tablespoonful of cooked rice to eggs and milk before beating. Serve on a hot platter at once.

Apple Omelet

Same as plain omelet. Serve with a tablespoonful of well seasoned apple sauce, mixed with equal amount of beaten white of egg on side of platter.

Granose Omelet

Same as plain omelet, adding two tablespoonfuls of cream instead of milk, and one or two tablespoonfuls of granose, before whipping.

Omelet With Tomato

Prepare a plain omelet, and when ready to fold, put a layer of baked ripe tomatoes on one half, and fold the other half over it. Serve with or without a tomato gravy as preferred.

Onion Omelet

Make as for plain omelet, placing one dessertspoonful of lightly braized onion on the omelet just before you fold, folding the one-third over the onion. Serve on hot platter at once.

Green Pea Omelet

Make as for plain omelet, folding one tablespoon-ful French peas with a little thick cream sauce over them. Serve at once on hot platter.

Asparagus Omelet

Make as for plain omelet, folding in one table-spoonful of asparagus, tips, which have been nicely seasoned. Serve on hot platter at once.