Select rather thick, smooth cucumbers, allowing a half cucumber to each person. Peel and chill in cold water for an hour; then cut into halves, and, with a tablespoon, scoop out the seeds. With a sharp knife cut out a portion of the flesh, leaving a wall one-eighth of an inch thick. Chop the cucumber that you have taken out; add to it half the quantity of chopped onion; sprinkle with a saltspoonful of celery seed, or add to it four tablespoonfuls of finely chopped celery. Drain the cucumbers and dry with a soft cloth. Dish each half on a breakfast-plate and garnish with lettuce leaves or celery tops. Fill them with the mixture. Press the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs through a sieve. Baste the salad carefully with French dressing; dust the top thickly with the yolk of the egg and down through the centre put a strip of finely chopped chives or parsley. Send to the table. This makes an exceedingly nice spring salad for a green-and-white luncheon or dinner.