All fruits are conserved after the same rule. Preserve them pound for pound; cook until they are transparent and turn them out on a sieve to drain. Save the syrup for sweetening other dishes. When the fruit is dry, roll in granulated sugar and put it away.


Remove the peel from six oranges, and with a pair of scissors cut it into straws. Put a pound of sugar with a half pint of water into a kettle and bring to a boil. Boil until it drops slowly from a spoon and spins a thread. While this is boiling, cover the orange peel with boiling water and boil rapidly; drain and put it at once in the syrup. Bring to a boil and boil about one minute, and then stir with a spoon until the sugar granulates and hangs about the peel. Turn it into a sieve, shake out the loose sugar, and put it away in boxes. This is used as a sweetmeat or as a flavoring to fruit cake and mince pies.

Pear Chips

This recipe will also answer for quince and pumpkin chips. Pare the fruit and cut it into chips; to each pound allow a pound of sugar. Put the sugar, and a half pint of water to each pound, in the kettle; boil and skim. Add the fruit and cook slowly until clear. Lift with a skimmer and dry the same as conserved fruit. If you have been doing one fruit and the flavor is harmonious, the syrup may be used next day for another. You can continue using the syrup until it grows too thick. Green ginger may be added to pears in the proportion of an ounce of ginger to each pound of pears. Or cook the pear chips in a quince syrup. Add ginger or orange to pumpkin chips.

Fruit Honey

The fruits best adapted for honey-making are pears, quinces and pineapples.

Pear Honey

Select eight large and rather hard pears. Boil three pounds of sugar with a pint of water for just a moment, and skim. Grate the pears and put them quickly into the syrup to prevent discoloration. Boil ten minutes and put away in tumblers the same as jelly. Quince and pineapple honey are made after the same recipe, grating both the quinces and the pineapple.

Tomato Honey

Take equal quantities of grated pineapple and small yellow tomatoes, peeled. Allow a pound of sugar to each pint of material. Mix the sugar with the fruit and cook without water until transparent.