Select six pounds of fig tomatoes, either the red or the yellow. Allow three pounds of granulated sugar. Put the tomatoes into a sieve, plunge them into boiling water for just a moment, remove the skins. Put a layer of the tomatoes in the bottom of a porcelain-lined kettle, strew thickly with sugar and stand them over a moderate fire. Remember that there must be but one layer of tomatoes and their proportion of sugar. Bring slowly to scalding point, and let them stand on the back of the stove until the sugar has thoroughly penetrated the tomatoes. Lift them one at a time with a broad fork or iron spoon. Place them on a hot stoneware or granite dish, cover with glass and dry in the sun, or dry in a moderate oven, sprinkling with granulated sugar two or three times while drying. When perfectly dry, pack them in glass jars with layers of granulated sugar.

Caution - Care must be taken that tomatoes, if dried in the sun, do not become moist with either dew or rain. Put them out late in the morning, and take them in before the sun goes down. If they are dried in the oven, the oven must be at a drying, not baking heat.