Mock Tenderloin Steak

The better way to do is to make a quantity of this, put it into cans and cook it, then cut it off and broil or heat when needed. The following ingredients will be sufficient for several meals:

1 quart nut meats (English walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts and almonds in equal quantities)

1 quart bread-crumbs

I pint water

1 tablespoonful salt

2 saltspoonfuls pepper

Put the nuts through the meat-chopper, mix them with the crumbs, add the seasoning and the water, pack into tin cans, and steam or boil three hours. Stand in a cold place with the lids off, until perfectly cold, then cover and keep them in the refrigerator. When ready to use, turn them out, cut in slices, and heat in the oven or broil quickly, Serve plain or with tomato sauce.

Pine Nut Steaks

1/2 pint stale bread-crumbs, sifted

1/2 pint pine nuts

2 eggs

1 teaspoonful sage

1 saltspoonful celery seed

1 saltspoonful salt

Put the nuts through the meat-grinder, mix them with the bread-crumbs, then add the seasoning and the eggs, beaten. Make into small cakes and bake on oiled paper, twenty minutes. Serve with brown sauce made from vegetable stock, or with white or tomato sauce.