Medium, heart-shaped, surface glossy; color light and dark crimson on yellow ground, with numerous golden dots; stem one and one-eighth to one and five-eighths inches long, in irregular flaring cavity; suture distinct. Flesh yellowish, meaty, quite juicy, good to very good. Seems to be hardier in tree than most Heart varieties. Hungary.

Belle De Choisy

Medium, round, unusually regular; color pale amber where shaded, with mottling of yellowish red in the sun; skin peculiar in showing a net-like texture of flesh below; stalk slender, of medium length, in wide shallow depression. Flesh amber-colored, tender, melting, and when fully ripe quite sweet. Season middle of June. Red Duke cross.

Black Eagle

Medium to large, borne in pairs, and often three in a cluster; form obtuse, heart-shaped; color dark purple, and when ripe nearly black; stalk three-quarters to one inch long, slender, in shallow cavity. Flesh tender, rich, juicy, and best in quality; flavor vinous and sweet, as grown in the interior. Ripe early in July. Heart.

Cherry: Black Eagle

Black Eagle. Black Tartarian.

Black Heart

Fruit medium to large, heart-shaped, slightly irregular; color dark purple and black when fully ripe; stalk one and one-half inches long, in medium cavity. Flesh tender, juicy, with exquisite sweet flavor. Season middle to last of June. One of the oldest and most popular of the Heart cherries.

Bigarreau And Heart Cherry Varieties B 223

Black Tartarian

Very large, obtusely heart-shaped, with surface often uneven; color black when ripe; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, in shallow cavity. Flesh colored, half tender, rich, nearly sweet, quality best when grown inland. Season, from first to middle of June. Popular as a home fruit wherever it can be grown. Heart.