Early Purple

Medium to small, oval, heart-shaped; color dark red, and purple when ripe; stem two to two and one-half inches long, in broad shallow cavity. Flesh red, tender, juicy, rich, sweet, very good to best. Season, about first of June. Grown east of lakes and in Utah. Heart.

Bigarreau And Heart Cherry Varieties E H 228


Large, heart-shaped, with slightly uneven surface; color black; stalk one to one and one-half inches long, in quite deep cavity. Flesh firm, not very juicy, with a rich flavor. Season, late. Profitable for distant shipping. Heart.


Large, heart-shaped, pointed at apex; color pale yellow, with blotches and shadings of red; stalk two inches long, slender, in broad very shallow cavity. Flesh half tender, juicy, rich, and high in quality. Season, last half of June. Grown in mild climates. Heart. Gov. Wood. - Large, heart-shaped; color yellow, with shading and marbling of red; suture well defined; stem one and one-half inches long, in broad very shallow cavity. Flesh tender, sweet, rich, and nearly best in quality. Ripe in interior from first to middle of June. Ohio. Heart.

Cherry: Elton

Elton. Gov. Wood.


Very large, round, heart-shaped; color dull purple. Flesh dark, mottled, sweet, high-flavored. Double-starred in Oregon for home use and shipping. About as hardy as Napoleon, of which it is a seedling. Oregon. Bigarreau.