Large, obtuse, heart-shaped ; color dark red. Flesh red, tender, pleasant, Ohio Beauty but not high in flavor. Commercially grown for shipping in Oregon and North California. Heart.

Plymouth Rock

Medium, heart-shaped; amber-colored, with red areas; stem slender, inserted in narrow shallow cavity. Flesh rich, juicy, tender; pit small. Will hang on the tree long after it is ripe. Grown and prized in Ohio. Heart.

Red Jacket

Large, obtuse, heart-shaped; color light red; stalk two inches long, slender. Flesh half tender, juicy, good, but not high in flavor. Grown South. Heart.


Large, roundish, heart-shaped; color red, shaded with pale amber; stalk one and one-half to two inches long, largest at upper end, in wide shallow cavity. Flesh firm, juicy, sweet, rich flavored. Largely grown in New York, Ohio, and Michigan.

Bigarreau And Heart Cherry Varieties O S 230

Schmidt (Smith)

Very large, obtuse, heart-shaped, compressed slightly; color dull red, mottled and marbled with carmine. Flesh vinous, sweet, with firm, meaty texture; good. A promising new variety for shipping, doing well in Michigan and the Southeast. Heart.

Cherry: Red Jacket

Red Jacket. Rockport.

Sparhawks Honey

Medium in size, roundish, heart-shaped, regular; color pale amber red, becoming bright red when fully ripe; stem one and one-half inches long, quite slender, in a round, even, shallow cavity. Flesh juicy, sweet, rich. Season, last of June. A home variety in the Southeastern States.

Sweet Montmorency

Medium in size, round, somewhat flattened at base, and with depressed point at apex; color pale amber, mottled with light red; stalk one and three-quarter inches long, slender, inserted in small even cavity. Flesh yellowish, tender, sweet, very good. A heart variety, evidently crossed with the Morello. Grown in Massachusetts.