Vilna Sweet

Large, heart-shaped; color light red; stem long, quite slender, inserted in narrow cavity. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, with uncolored juice; quality best. Season, middle of June. One of the hardiest of the Heart varieties. Russia.

Bigarreau And Heart Cherry Varieties V Y 232

White Caroon

A sweet variety, grown in Western New York to some extent; color light; quality very good. Not commercial; grown for home table use. Heart.


Large, fifteen-sixteenths inch long by one inch wide; round, obtuse, heart-shaped; color dark red; stem one and one-half inches long, inserted in quite deep cavity; usually fruits are in pairs or triplets. Flesh yellowish, with reddish tint, firm, quite juicy, rich, and sweet; quality very good. Commercial where the Bigarreau varieties succeed.

Yellow Glass

Large, round, flattened at ends; suture indistinct; color bright yellow; stem one and three-quarter inches long, stout, in wide quite deep cavity. Flesh firm, meaty, sweet, juice not colored; quality very good. Tree much hardier than Yellow Spanish, which it resembles.

Yellow Spanish

Large, obtuse, heart-shaped, with base flattened; color light yellow, with blush on sunny side and carmine dots; stalk one and one-half to two inches long, stout, and usually curved. Flesh light yellow, firm, sweet, with rich flavor when fully ripe. Season, last of June. Extensively grown for market in mild climates.