This native species is very distinct in habit, character of fruit, and method of propagation from the tips (243). It is so distinct that it has no near relatives except the type known as Rubus leucodermis, found in the mountains of California, Arizona, and Utah, which only differs materially in the vine-colored fruit.

Leading Blackcap Varieties


Large, jet black; quality good. In New Jersey and Ohio; said to bloom later than most other varieties, and hence is a sure cropper. Season, some later than Gregg.


Medium to large, black; season of Tyler, but more inclined to dwarf habit; quality said to be superior to most blackcaps. Connecticut.


Large to very large, roundish ovate; color jet black, with whitish bloom. Flesh firm, juicy, quite rich, very good. Season, early. A new variety of great promise. Michigan.


Very large, roundish ovate; color shining black.