Arnold (Arnold's Beauty)

Originated by the late Charles Arnold, of Paris, Ontario, Canada, from seed of Northern Spy crossed with Wagener and Spitzenburg. Tree an upright grower, symmetrical, productive.

Fruit medium, oblate, slightly angular, ribbed; surface bright yellow, often with blush of brownish to bright red, usually with patches and network of russet; dots few, brown; cavity large, deep, usually russeted; stem medium, slender; basin deep, rough, slightly plaited; calyx small, closed. Core small; tube funnel-shaped; flesh yellowish, fine, firm, juicy, rich, mild, pleasant subacid, slightly aromatic. January, May.


Origin, Floyd Co., northern Iowa.

Fruit below medium, oblong, truncated, somewhat irregular; surface yellow, mixed and splashed dull red on sunny side; dots minute, dark russet, numerous, distinct; cavity narrow, regular, acute, russet; stem long; basin abrupt, medium deep, wrinkled; calyx closed. Core closed; tube long, narrow, open to core; stamens median; seeds packed tightly in cells; flesh yellow, firm, fine-grained, sprightly subacid, good. Winter.

Autumn Bough (Autumn Sweet Bough)

Origin, America; tree vigorous, upright, round-headed, productive.

Fruit medium, conical, angular; surface smooth, pale yellow; dots few, brown; cavity deep, acute, narrow; stem medium, rather slender; basin deep, corrugated; calyx closed; segments long; flesh white, very tender, with a sweet, refreshing, vinous flavor, very good. Last of August to first of October.

Autumn Swaar (Fall Swaar Of West)

Origin unknown; tree hardy, vigorous, spreading.

Fruit large, roundish conical, regular; surface greenish yellow, becoming orange yellow, with bronze blush, and russet net-veining; dots many, large, gray, stellate; cavity broad, acute, regular, green and russet; stem medium, knobbed; basin deep, abrupt, smooth or slightly corrugated; calyx small, closed. Core small, closed, clasping; seeds many, large, plump; flesh yellow, juicy, tender, mild, pleasant, rich, subacid, very good. September.


Origin, Wisconsin. The original tree is now growing on the farm of A. J. Philips, West Salem, Wisconsin.

Fruit medium, oblong conical, angular; surface unctuous, yellowish green with greenish streaks; dots white, minute, obscure; cavity wide, green, regular, often russeted, rather shallow; stem long; basin shallow, wavy; calyx small, closed. Core closed; seeds plump; flesh white, very firm, fine-grained, mild, pleasant subacid with sweet aftertaste, very good. Winter.