Origin, Transylvania; tree very vigorous, hardy, of spreading habit. Imported from Russia.

Fruit medium to large, roundish oblate, very regular, tapering uniformly toward both ends; surface polished, clear yellow with large carmine blush, with open net-veining and small patches of russet; dots numerous, oblong, brown; cavity regular, deep; stem short to medium, stout; basin deep, slightly irregular, woolly at bottom; calyx half open; segments long, divergent, woolly; tube funnel-shaped, long; flesh white, very juicy, sprightly pleasant acid, good. Late winter.

Beach (Richardson's Red, Apple Of Commerce)

Origin, Arkansas; tree a good grower and sure bearer; becoming popular in Arkansas for its late keeping and productiveness.

Fruit medium to large, roundish, slightly conical, irregular; surface greenish yellow, almost wholly covered with mixed and marbled rather light red, with broad splashes of darker crimson; dots few, obscure, minute, whitish; cavity regular, rather narrow, medium deep, with considerable radiating russet; stem medium; basin shallow to very shallow, distinctly ribbed, with small prominences around calyx, sometimes deeply corrugated; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core closed, clasping; cells ovate, slit, much exudate; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds few, plump; flesh yellowish, firm, rather coarse-grained, subacid, good. Late winter.

Beautiful Arcade (No. 453)

Origin, Russia.

Fruit medium or above, oblong, truncated, angular; surface light yellow, splashed and mixed crimson on sunny side, roughened by the dots; dots numerous, green, obscure, raised above the surface; cavity slightly wavy, abrupt, a little brown around the stem; stem very short; basin regular, corrugated in bottom; calyx small, closed. Core small, half open; tube long, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds rather large, long, pointed, flattened; flesh yellow, firm, finegrained, very rich and sweet, very good. August, September.

Belle Bonde

Origin, France.

Fruit medium or above, roundish conical, pale yellow, striped and splashed with red; dots large, light; flesh whitish, a little coarse, tender, brisk subacid, good for cooking. January and February.

Belmont (Waxen)

Origin, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; tree vigorous, very productive.

Fruit medium to large, globular, a little flattened, somewhat conical, sometimes oblong; surface very smooth, light waxen yellow, often with blushed orange and bright red cheek; dots minute, few; cavity generally large, wide, wavy, brown; stem medium to long; basin wavy or corrugated, medium; calyx small, usually closed. Core wide, regular, somewhat open, clasping, axis short; seeds many, large, flat; flesh yellow, crisp, tender, fine-grained, juicy, mild subacid, nearly best. November to February.

Apple Variety: Belmont

Ben Davis

Origin in doubt, more probably Virginia or Tennessee; widely disseminated at the South before 1850. In the Southwest and West, especially Missouri, this is the leading winter apple and is planted very extensively; tree vigorous, an early and very abundant bearer. Although not of first-rate quality the handsome appearance and long-keeping capacity of the fruit make it profitable for market. Southern-grown specimens are better matured than those grown at its northern limits, and hence of better quality. In recent years many seedlings have been raised from Ben Davis, such as Gano, Etris, and Black Ben Davis, which bear a strong resemblance to the parent and indicate that the parent sometimes reproduces itself quite closely from seed.

Apple Variety: Ben Davis

Ben Davis.

Fruit large, regular, roundish conical, truncated, often unequal; surface smooth, often polished, unctuous at full maturity, yellow, almost wholly covered with brilliant mixed dark red with dark crimson splashes and stripes, a handsome, showy fruit; dots distinct, few, minute, gray; cavity deep, regular, acute, usually with much stellate russet which sometimes extends out over base; stem medium to long, rather slender; basin medium, in large specimens deep, wide, abrupt, regular or slightly corrugated; calyx partially open; segments large, divergent. Core closed, medium, regular, clasping; cells obovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds large, long, pointed, plump; flesh white, tender, moderately juicy, pleasant subacid, not rich, good only. All winter and spring.