Babbitt (Western Baldwin)

Originated from seed of Baldwin by C. W. Babbitt, of Woodford County, Illinois, about 1845; hardy and productive in Central States. Tree large, a strong grower, with large leaves and tough wood.

Fruit large, oblate conical, angular; skin thick but tender; surface smooth, greenish white, shaded, washed and striped with red; dots few, light; cavity large, regular, deep, with gradual slope, and russet markings; stem short, slender at fruit, thick at base; basin of medium size, regular, abrupt, furrowed; calyx very small and closed; segments very short, converging, slightly reflexed. Core large, wide, conical, open, clasping; seeds few, of medium size, plump, brown; flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, juicy, brisk subacid, very good, particularly for cooking. Winter. (U. S. Agr. Rep., 1893, p. 286.)

Bailey Sweet

Origin, New York; tree vigorous, productive.

Apple Variety: Bailey Sweet

Bailey Sweet.

Fruit large, roundish tapering, obscurely ribbed, irregular; surface roughened by scattered russet dots, yellow, mostly covered with dark rich red, obscurely striped, solid on sunny side; dots many, minute, russet, distinct; cavity regular, acuminate, slightly russeted, deep, narrow; stem short; basin shallow, narrow, abrupt, slightly corrugated, wrinkled; calyx half open; segments entire, divergent. Core closed; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds large, long-pointed, plump; flesh yellow, moderately juicy, firm, fine-grained, very sweet, very good. Early winter.


Origin, Ridgefield, Connecticut; tree vigorous, spreading, productive.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, inclining to conic; surface yellowish, mostly shaded and splashed with shades of crimson; cavity regular, medium; stalk short, moderately stout; basin shallow, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments slightly recurved. Core small; flesh yellowish, rather coarse, often tinged with crimson near the skin, pleasant subacid, very good. October to February.


Origin, Wilmington near Lowell, Massachusetts. A chance seedling which bore its first fruit about the middle of the eighteenth century; now a leading Eastern market variety. Tree vigorous, upright, spreading, very productive.

Apple Variety: Baldwin


Fruit large, roundish, narrowing a little to the calyx; surface rich yellow on shaded side, nearly covered with deep red on sunny side with stripes of crimson and bright red, sometimes overlaid with veined russet; dots minute, russet, or gray; cavity wide, regular, moderately deep, with some radiating russet; stem medium; basin deep, narrow, generally wavy or plaited; calyx large, half open, or open; segments short. Core closed, meeting or sometimes clasping; cells obovate, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds rather few, long, somewhat flattened, many of them imperfect, angular; flesh yellowish, juicy, crisp, rich subacid, very good. Southern-grown specimens are not as good in quality. November to March, at its best in January.