Carolina Beauty

Origin, North Carolina.

Fruit large, oblate, slightly conical; skin thick, tough; surface smooth, excepting numerous russet knobs; color yellow, washed with crimson and indistinctly striped with darker crimson; dots conspicuous, yellow or russet, many with erupted centres; cavity wide, deep, gradual, russeted; stem three-fourths of an inch long, moderately stout; basin medium, regular, gradual; calyx large, partially open; segments long, narrow, converging to centre and reflexed. Core very large, wide, clasping, nearly closed; seeds numerous, of medium size, angular, dark brown; flesh yellowish, moderately fine, crisp, juicy, subacid, very good. Early winter. (U. S. Agr. Report, 1895, p. 21.)

Carter Blue

Origin, Alabama; tree of fine upright growth, and an early bearer.

Fruit large, roundish oblate; surface greenish, washed and striped with dull red and covered with a blue bloom; stalk slender; calyx closed. Flesh yellowish white, crisp, sugary, rich, aromatic, very good. September to November.


Origin, Minnesota.

Fruit medium or above, roundish oblate, regular; surface a rich golden yellow with faint blush; dots white, minute, suffused; cavity wide, regular; stem long; basin wide, shallow, minutely wrinkled; calyx open. Core open, clasping; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; flesh white, juicy, subacid, fair. Early fall.

Cham plain (Nyack ; Sourbough, Summer Pippin). - Origin, Westchester Co., New York tree vigorous; round-topped, productive, a regular bearer.

Fruit medium to large, roundish conical to oblong oval, angular, irregular; surface smooth, pale waxen yellow with slight crimson blush; dots minute, green and grayish; cavity acute, deep, green, wavy; stem variable, generally long, slender; basin abrupt, corrugated, deep; calyx small, closed. Core round, slightly open, clasping; seed many, angular; flesh white, tender, fine-grained, juicy, aromatic, pleasant subacid, very good to best. August, September.

Charlamoff (Pointed Pipka, Peterson's Charlamoff)


Russia. One of the four varieties recommended by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society as of the first degree of hardiness. Tree spreading, vigorous, productive.

Apple Variety: Charlamoff


Fruit above medium to large, oblong, somewhat truncated, occasionally roundish truncated, angular, ribbed, especially about the stem; surface light yellow covered with dark crimson stripes and splashes, mixed red on sunny side, with a heavy blue bloom; dots white, minute, obscure; cavity, deep, acute, ribbed, with small radiating patch of russet; stem medium to long; basin wide, shallow, corrugated; calyx closed; segments large. Core closed; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; flesh white, fine-grained, pleasant acid, often slightly stained with red next to skin, good. August.