Chenango (Chenango Strawberry, Sherwood's Favorite)

Origin, Lebanon, New York. Tree vigorous, spreading; fruit a great favorite for dessert wherever grown.

Fruit medium to large, oblong conic, regular, truncated, obscurely ribbed; surface yellowish white, mostly covered with rosy crimson stripes, mixed on sunny side and in part thinly overlaid with whitish net-veining; dots distinct, white, few, minute; cavity regular, acute, narrow, somewhat uneven; stem very short, small; basin narrow, shallow, nearly or quite smooth; calyx closed or half open; segments erect convergent. Core rather large, half open; cells elliptical, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens basal; seeds flat, pointed; flesh white, tender, juicy, mild, pleasant subacid, very good. September, October.

Apple Variety: Chenango



A seedling of Yellow Bellflower from Dallas county, Iowa.

Fruit medium to large, oblong, angular, ribbed; surface yellow; dots distinct, numerous, russet; cavity regular, with trace of russet; stem medium; basin narrow, ribbed, rather shallow; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core closed; cells ovate, widely slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, plump, short; flesh juicy, pleasant spicy subacid, very good. Winter.

Christmas (No. 310)

Origin, Russia. It is doing well in Minnesota.

Fruit medium, roundish conical to oblong oval, sometimes obscurely three-sided, often oblique; surface yellow, with bright crimson stripes and splashes on sunny side, often nearly covering the whole surface, then a beautiful fruit; cavity narrow, acute, with a little russet; stem long; basin flat or nearly so, when flat the basin has protuberances around the eye; calyx closed; flesh white, juicy, tender, subacid, very good. Late fall.

Apple Variety: Christmas


Clark Pearmain

An old variety of North Carolina origin; tree of slow growth, very productive.

Fruit medium, roundish, slightly conical, truncated, regular; surface greenish yellow, nearly covered with rich dark red splashes and stripes, coloring solid on sunny side; dots very distinct, numerous, large, yellow, with large russet centres; cavity deep, regular, obtuse, with radiating russet; stem very short to medium; basin regular, smooth, small; calyx small; closed; segments divergent. Core closed, scarcely clasping, small; cells obovate, entire or nearly so; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds short, very plump; flesh yellow, fine-grained, rather firm, crisp, rich, spicy subacid, very good. December.


Origin, central Indiana.

Fruit large, regular, oblate, conical; surface smooth, greenish yellow, covered with dull red, with darker stripes and splashes; dots minute, obscure, few, gray, with large scattered russet dots; cavity wide, wavy, deep, acute, green or russet; stem stout, medium; basin narrow, shallow, abrupt, smooth; calyx closed. Core wide open, clasping, sessile; cells round to obovate, abaxile, slit; tube funnel-shaped, long, narrow; stamens marginal; seeds numerous, plump, angular, short, dark; flesh yellow, firm, not fine-grained, subacid, good. All winter.

Apple Variety: Clark Pearmain

Clark Pearmain.

Clyde Beauty - Origin, Clyde, New York; tree vigorous, upright, very productive.

Fruit large, roundish, conic, angular; surface greenish, oily, sprinkled and mottled with dull red and bright red in the sun; cavity acute; stem short, slender; basin small, corrugated; calyx closed; flesh white, tender, juicy, brisk subacid, good. October to January.