Cooper Market

Tree vigorous, upright, with long slender branches; very productive.

Fruit small to medium, round oblate conic; surface greenish yellow, heavily shaded with purplish red and striped with crimson; dots few; cavity deep, narrow; stem short to medium; basin small, shallow, slightly irregular; calyx closed. Core medium, somewhat open; flesh white, tender, brisk subacid, good. December to May.

Cornell Fancy

Origin, Pennsylvania; tree vigorous and productive. A valuable September variety in Central Pennsylvania.

Fruit medium, oblong, conical; surface waxen, yellow, shaded and splashed with crimson; cavity rather large; stem medium; basin abrupt, corrugated; calyx closed. Core medium to large; flesh white, tender, crisp, juicy with a pleasant subacid flavor, very good.


Origin, Ohio; tree a strong spreading grower and productive.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, slightly conical, obscurely ribbed, somewhat uneven and irregular; surface smooth, greenish yellow, with a slight tinge of red when fully ripe; dots many, minute, indented, green; cavity acute, wavy, slightly russeted; stem short; basin wide, corrugated; calyx closed. Core open, large, clasping; seeds large, pointed, dark; flesh yellow, tender, juicy, crisp, subacid, very good. September, October.


Originated in 1869 or 1870 by J. B. Mitchell, Cresco, northern Iowa.

Fruit medium, roundish oval, regular; surface light yellow with blush or warm cheek; dots minute, white, suffused, obscure; cavity deep, acute, narrow, with radiating patch of russet; stem long, slender; basin wavy, corrugated, abrupt; calyx closed; segments large. Core closed, outline indistinct; cells ovate, slit; tube long, funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds short, plump; flesh white, pleasant subacid, good. October or later.

Crimson Beauty

Originated by F. P. Sharp, Woodstock, New Brunswick, by crossing New Brunswick with Fameuse pollen. A good early variety of remarkable beauty.

Fruit large, roundish, flattened at ends, slightly oblique and angular; surface yellowish white, overspread with crimson red, with irregular and often indistinct stripes; cavity deep, abrupt; stem long, quite stout; basin abrupt, quite deep, ridged and often corrugated. Core open, not meeting; flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, juicy, subacid, very good. Very early, about one week earlier than Yellow Transparent.

Cross (No. 413 Dept.). - Origin, Russia. - The Russian Nomenclature Commission called this the Cross Apple to distinguish it from Cross (15 M.). Prof. Budd suggests the name Large Anis for Cross 413. As the name Cross has long been given to another apple in Maryland it appears that Nos. 15 and 413 Dept. must be retained for the present.

Fruit medium to large, regular, oblate; surface yellow, mostly covered with mixed dark red and crimson splashes and stripes; dots minute, white, obscure; cavity regular, with a radiating patch of russet; stem short; basin wavy, abrupt, with fine wrinkles; calyx half open. Core closed, meeting; tube conical; stamens median; seeds numerous, short, plump; flesh white, pleasant subacid, good. Late fall.

Cross (No. 15 M.). - Origin, Russia.

Fruit medium, oblate, regular or nearly so; surface a rich yellow, more or less striped and splashed with crimson; dots white, obscure; cavity deep, regular, somewhat russeted; stem medium; basin shallow, abrupt, wavy; calyx large, open. Core open, clasping; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds large, dark brown; flesh white, brisk subacid, not spicy, good. Early winter.

Apple Variety: Cross

Cross (413 of Department).


Originated by Miss Ann Bryson, Macon Co., North Carolina. Tree a good grower and very productive.

Fruit medium to large; roundish, inclining to conic, sides sometimes unequal; surface yellowish, mostly shaded and striped with dark crimson; dots few, whitish; cavity deep; stem small, short; basin shallow, corrugated; calyx open. Flesh yellowish, rather compact, moderately juicy, mild subacid, good. November to April.