Origin, North Carolina; tree of slow growth, an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish, sometimes conical, light yellow green, red on sunny side; cavity narrow; stem short; basin deep; calyx open.

Core small; flesh yellowish, firm, juicy, brisk, pleasant, sweet, good. February.

Apple Variety: Buncombe


Canada Baldwin

Originated in the province of Quebec, Canada, on the farm of Alexis Dery, St. Hilaire, introduced about 1855; tree of strong upright growth, gradually spreading with age; an early bearer, does best on clay or clay loam; on light warm soils it is injured by sunscald and bark-splitting.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, slightly angular; surface smooth yellowish white, mostly covered with stripes and splashes of rich red and crimson, a purplish crimson on sunny side with slight bloom; cavity large, wide, deep, regular; stem short, stout; basin medium, deep, slightly corrugated; calyx closed. Core small; flesh very white, fine, sometimes stained with pink, tender, juicy, refreshing, mild subacid, with slight quince-like flavor, good to very good. January to April.

Canada Reinette

Origin doubtful, by some supposed to have originated in France; highly esteemed in Europe. Tree a strong vigorous grower, spreading, open, productive, young shoots clear reddish brown, slightly downy.

Apple Variety: Canada Reinette

Canada Reinette.

Fruit very large, oblate conical, flattened, with prominent ribs originating at calyx and diminishing toward the stem; surface greenish yellow, with brown blush on sunny side, with numerous russet patches; dots numerous, brown russety; cavity wide, deep, generally smooth; stem short, slender; basin rather deep, irregular; calyx open or closed; segments short. Cells obovate, axile, slit; tube conical; stamen basal; flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, rich, brisk subacid, very good to best. December to April.

Cannon Pearmain

Origin, North Carolina; tree vigorous, spreading, productive.

Fruit medium, form regular, roundish conic; surface yellow, striped, shaded, and marbled with red and dark crimson; dots large, yellow, gray; cavity small, russeted; stem long, slender; basin large, regular, deep, abrupt, regular, rarely wavy or corrugated; flesh yellow, firm, with a rich, brisk, subacid flavor, very good. January to April.


Origin, New York; tree vigorous, with roundish spreading head and reddish brown shoots.

Fruit roundish, conical; color greenish yellow, with a faint brownish red cheek; cavity medium, slightly russeted; stem three-fourths of an inch long, slender; basin small, shallow; calyx small, closed; tube short, conical; flesh white, tender, juicy, with a mild subacid pleasant flavor. Ripe in November and apparently a long keeper. (S. H. Fulton, Mich. Exp. Sta. Bul. 177.)