Danvers Sweet

Origin, Danvers, Massachusetts; tree productive and of very rapid growth.

Fruit large, roundish oblong, sometimes roundish oblate, regular; surface smooth, uneven, dull greenish yellow, with orange blush; dots numerous, medium, prominent, with white and green bases; cavity wide, deep, brown; stem long, slender, knobby; basin smooth, deep, narrow, abrupt; calyx small, closed; segments long. Core round, regular, closed; seeds numerous, long, brown, pointed; flesh yellow, fine-grained, juicy, firm, very sweet and rich, very good; good for baking. All winter.


Originated by Jesse Hiatt about twenty years ago near Des Moines, Iowa; tree a regular and heavy bearer.

Fruit large, roundish conic, ribbed; skin medium thick, tenacious; surface smooth except the ribbing; color yellow, washed with mixed red, splashes and broken stripes of bright crimson; bloom whitish; dots numerous, small, yellow, some indented; cavity regular, large, deep, gradual, russet; stem medium, stout; basin regular, large, deep, gradual, furrows and knobs; eye medium, closed; calyx segments medium, erect or reflexed at tips. Core conical, clasping, medium; seeds plump, medium, brown; color yellow; texture fine, tender, juicy; flavor subacid, very pleasant; quality good to very good. Early winter. (U. S. Div. of Pomology.)


Originated on the Capt. Wright farm, Derby, Vermont; tree of hardy, strong, thrifty growth, and an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit above medium; form oblate; surface yellowish, shaded with red and striped with dark red on sun side. Flesh crisp, pleasant sub acid, good. Fall and early winter.


Origin, New York; closely resembles Rambo externally, but the latter is a choice early winter or autumn variety while Domine is a sprightly, juicy, long-keeping, winter fruit. Tree upright, vigorous, very productive and an early bearer.

Fruit rather large, regular, oblate, surface greenish yellow in shade, mostly covered with splashed and striped bright red in sun, overlaid with whitish; dot's distinct, many, very large, some scattered irregular russet specks with light bases; cavity regular, very wide and deep, with large stellate russet patch; stem medium, rather slender, curved; basin wide, medium deep, slightly ribbed; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core open, barely clasping; axis short; cells ovate, entire; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds many, long-pointed, plump; flesh whitish, very tender, juicy, pleasant, rich sprightly subacid, very good. December to April.


A medium early Vermont variety of very good quality, mentioned in Bul. No. 8, Div. of Pomology.


Origin, Texas.

Fruit above medium, roundish; skin tough; surface moderately smooth, with numerous russet patches, yellow, washed red, splashed and striped crimson; dots brown, erupted; cavity regular, large, deep, wide russet margins; stem medium, slender; basin regular, medium, gradual with shallow furrows; calyx small, partially closed; segments small, converging, slightly reflexed. Core large, conical, clasping; seeds medium, plump, brown; flesh yellowish, fine, breaking, juicy, rich, aromatic, subacid, very good. August. (U. S. Dept. Agr., 1902.)

Apple Variety: Domine


Dudley Winter (North Star)

A bright-colored seedling of Oldenburg, originated by J. W. Dudley, Aroostook Co., Maine, and sent out under the name of North Star by a Rochester nursery; but this name is already occupied.

Fruit large, regular, roundish oblate; surface smooth, yellow, mostly covered with bright rosy crimson stripes and splashes, coloring nearly solid on sunny side, with thin bluish bloom; cavity regular, wide, obtuse, with trace of stellate russet; stem long; basin deep, abrupt, corrugated and ribbed; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells round, widely slit; tube conical, rather urn-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump, pointed; flesh yellow, white inside the core outline, fine-grained, pleasant subacid, very good. Late fall and early winter.


Origin, Holland; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, productive.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, slightly conical; surface rough, yellow, shaded with light and dark rich red, with bright red stripes and splashes; dots many, prominent, light russet; cavity deep, acute, regular, large, often russeted; stem medium to long, slender; basin large, abrupt, wide, slightly corrugated; calyx small, closed; segments short, erect convergent. Core small, clasping; cells obovate, axile; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds few, angular, imperfect; flesh yellowish, coarse-grained, tender, firm, juicy, rich mild subacid, very good. December to March.


An old French variety, originally described as Pomme Royal (Pomme Royal), but the name having been lost in this country it was given its present name. The tree is a fair grower and an annual and early bearer, but the thin skin of the fruit prevents distant shipping without bruising.

Apple Variety: Dyer


Fruit medium to large, roundish, somewhat flattened, obscurely ribbed; surface smooth, clear, greenish yellow, with rarely a faint blush, and with more or less thin russet net-veining; cavity regular, deep; stem medium; basin medium, abrupt, ribbed; calyx closed; segments long, divergent. Core open, round; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds many, small; flesh yellowish white, spicy, very tender and juicy, rich aromatic, sprightly subacid; quality excellent to best, having but few equals. October to December.