Early Strawberry

Origin, New York; tree thrifty, very upright while young, spreading and large with age, quite distinct from the Early Red Margaret, which has no fragrance, and a short stem.

Apple Variety: Early Strawberry

Early Strawberry.

Fruit small, roundish, conical, rarely angular; surface smooth and fair, often polished, yellow, mostly covered with mixed red with bright and dark crimson stripes; dots very few, minute, obscure; cavity deep, regular; stem long, rather slender, sometimes knobbed and uneven; basin narrow, shallow, folded or plaited; calyx rather small; segments divergent. Core regular, closed, not meeting; seeds many, plump; flesh whitish yellow, slightly tinged with red next to the skin, tender, sprightly, brisk, agreeable aromatic subacid, very good. July, September.

English Russet

Origin unknown; a profitable market variety; tree upright, very productive.

Fruit medium or below, roundish, obscurely conical, very regular; surface pale greenish yellow, more or less covered with bronze russet, sometimes wholly russeted; cavity narrow, medium, regular; stem medium; basin smooth, medium, regular; calyx small, closed. Flesh yellowish white, firm, crisp, mild subacid, aromatic, fair to good. February to July and may be kept through the summer.

Apple Variety: English Russet

English Russet.

Esopus Spitzenburg - Origin Esopus, on the Hudson River, New York. Fruit considered equal to the Newtown Pippin in quality and unsurpassed as a dessert fruit by any other variety.

Fruit large, regular, oblong, slightly tapering, truncated; surface smooth, almost wholly covered with clear bright nearly solid red, on shaded side yellow, tinged and streaked with red; dots distinct, numerous, small, gray; cavity wavy, deep, wide, light brown; stem medium, slender; basin shallow, smooth or slightly furrowed; calyx small, closed; segments divergent. Core open; cells ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds large, light colored, flat; flesh yellow, crisp, firm, juicy, rich, delicious, brisk, spicy subacid, best. November to February.


Originated from seed of Oldenburg about 1878 by O. F. Brand, Faribault, Minn.; tree an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium or below, irregular, somewhat angular, roundish, flattened at ends; surface often with irregular swellings, greenish yellow, handsomely striped with bright red, the red extending over most of the fruit; dots obscure, few, minute, white; cavity narrow, regular, acute; stem medium; basin very abrupt, wavy, moderately deep; calyx closed; segments very large, leafy, erect convergent. Flesh juicy, crabby texture, acid, good. Season immediately after Oldenburg.

Apple Variety: Esopus Spilzonburg

Esopus Spilzonburg.


A new variety from Benton Co., Arkansas. Prof. J. T. Stin-son writes (Ark. Exp. Sta. Bul. 49): " This variety resembles Gano very closely. As far as I am able to judge, there is practically no difference. It also resembles Ragan's Red and Arkansas Belle, both of this county."


Originated in Wisconsin, from seed of Tolman Sweet. This is distinct from the Eureka described by Downing, which is a fall variety of supposed Connecticut origin.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, regular; surface roughened by russet dots and leather-cracking, light yellow, handsomely striped with bright crimson, especially on sunny side; cavity acuminate, regular, slightly russeted; stem short; basin abrupt, deep, nearly smooth. Core closed; seeds few, flattened; flesh white, fine grained, moderately juicy, sweet, very good. A long winter keeper.

Evening Party

Origin, Berks Co., Pennsylvania; tree vigorous and productive.

Apple Variety: Evening Party

Evening Party.

Fruit small to medium, oblate, often unequal, slightly oval; surface smooth, waxen yellow, with dark crimson splashes and stripes, mixed dark red on sunny side; dots many, distinct, gray; cavity deep, acute, wide, regular, often russeted; stem short, slender, green; basin abrupt, smooth, deep, large; calyx small, closed; segments long. Core small, closed, meeting; axis short; flesh yellowish white, finegrained, tender, juicy, vinous, aromatic subacid, excellent to best. December and January.


Origin, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania; tree very vigorous, upright, spreading, an early and regular bearer.

Fruit large, roundish, rather angular, with obscure ribs; surface smooth, bright clear yellow, shaded with crimson on sunny side, no stripes; dots greenish, numerous about the base; cavity acute, medium, irregular; stem short, stout; basin abrupt, narrow, deep, plaited; calyx closed. Flesh tender, white, fine-grained, aromatic, brisk subacid, very good. February to April.