Early Cooper

Grown in Illinois, Kansas, and other western States mainly for home use; tree productive.

Fruit medium, roundish, a little flattened; surface yellow with faint blush, tinge of green at stem. Flesh white, crisp, sprightly. September and October. (Elliott.)

Early Harvest

Of American origin; tree moderately vigorous, upright, spreading, productive, needs rich cultivation.

Apple Variety: Early Harvest

Early Harvest.

Fruit medium or below, roundish, often roundish oblate, usually oblate at the West; surface very smooth, clear, pale waxen yellow, very rarely blushed; dots obscure, few, minute, white and green; cavity wide, regular, obtuse, with russet patch; stem medium; basin wide, shallow, smooth. Core small, closed; cells obovate; tube conical or funnel-shaped; stamens marginal or median; seeds few, large, pointed; flesh very white, tender, juicy, crisp, sprightly, pleasant rich subacid, very good to best. The first three weeks of July.

Early Joe

Origin, Ontario Co., New York; tree of slow growth, productive, requires high cultivation. The poor growth of this variety in nursery makes it undesirable for the nurseryman.

Apple Variety: Early Joe

Early Joe.

Fruit below medium, regular, oblate; surface smooth, greenish yellow, thinly shaded, stripes and splashes of dark and light red; dots obscure, minute, gray, and some conspicuous greenish white specks; cavity large, wide, regular obtuse, with stellate russet, occasionally lipped; stem medium to long, stout; basin narrow, abrupt, smooth; calyx closed; segments connivent, leaf-like. Core closed; cells round, slit; tube conical; stamens marginal; seeds numerous, short, plump, pyriform; flesh yellowish, very tender, juicy, fine-grained, spicy subacid, vinous, best. Early August to middle of September.

Early Pennock

Of American origin; tree hardy, an early and abundant bearer; a favorite, showy market apple in parts of the West.

Fruit large, roundish conical, tapering sharply, ribbed, sometimes inclined; surface golden yellow mostly covered with bright red, striped, splashed, and mottled with rosy crimson, a handsome fruit; dots obscure, many, minute, white; cavity deep, regular, narrow, acuminate, with a little stellate russet; stem short or medium; basin very shallow, narrow, slightly wrinkled; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core open, long, tapering to both ends; cells elliptical; tube conical; stamens median; seeds large, many, plump; flesh yellow, coarse grained, subacid, scarcely good. July and August.

Early Ripe

Supposed origin, Pennsylvania; tree a free grower and productive.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate; surface pale yellow; dots few; gray; cavity slightly russeted; stem long; calyx small, closed; flesh white, tender, juicy, subacid, good. August.