Fall Wine

Of American origin; tree of rather slender spreading growth, a moderate annual bearer. Fruit too tender for distant market.

Fruit above medium, oblate; surface very smooth, clear, waxen yellow, almost wholly covered with bright, and often deep red, obscurely striped sometimes with spots or specks, of brownish red, very fair in new rich, Western soils; dots minute, many, russet; cavity deep, wide, regular, uniformly green; stem long, slender; basin wide, deep, abrupt, regular, slightly corrugated; calyx small, half open; segments divergent. Core closed, meeting; seeds many, angular or plump; flesh yellow, tender, juicy, aromatic, rich very mild subacid, almost sweet, very good to best. September, November.

Apple Variety: Fall Wine

Fall Wine.

Fall Winesap

A Western variety; origin unknown; tree an early and abundant bearer, tree of strong growth, moderately spreading, somewhat drooping with age.

Fruit medium; form conical; surface yellow with pale blush; dots distinct, numerous, yellowish, large; cavity deep, narrow, regular, acuminate, trace of russet in bottom; stem medium; basin wavy, abrupt; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells ovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds short, plump; flesh yellowish white, juicy, firm, fine-grained, pleasant rich subacid, good. October, December.

Fameuse (Snow)

Origin probably in the French settlements on the St. Lawrence River from seed brought from France between 1600 and 1650. It was first propagated largely from seeds, and although it reproduces itself in this manner quite closely, many have proven sufficiently distinct to be propagated under separate names. The apples of the Fameuse type are discussed by Prof. F. A. Waugh in Vermont Experiment Station Bul. No. 83. Tree moderately vigorous, spreading, round-topped, an early bearer, very productive in alternate years.

Fruit medium, roundish, slightly flattened; surface pale, waxen yellow, almost or wholly covered with fine deep solid red, on shaded side and on specimens protected from the sun the coloring consists of stripes and splashes; dots minute, obscure; cavity narrow, wavy, acute, green; stem short, medium, slender; basin shallow, rather narrow, smooth; calyx small, closed; segments short divergent. Core small, closed, barely clasping; cells ovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds long, pointed; flesh snow-white, often stained with red, very tender, juicy, fine-grained, perfumed, mild subacid. Very good. October, December.

Apple Variety: Fameuse



Origin, Georgia; tree of fine regular growth and productive.

Fruit medium, oblate conical; surface shaded, striped, and splashed with dull red over half or more of its surface; dots numerous, large, light; cavity rather large, slightly russeted; stem short, small; basin medium, slightly wrinkled; calyx closed; segments medium, partially reflexed; flesh, white, tender, juicy, mild, pleasant, subacid, very good. August, September.