Origin, Pennsylvania; tree vigorous, spreading:, very productive.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish oblate, slightly conical; surface yellow, almost or wholly covered with deep rich crimson; dots few, yellow, obscure; cavity large, deep, rather wide; stem short, slender; basin medium, narrow, nearly smooth; calyx half open; segments short. Core small; flesh white, crisp, tender, slightly stained next skin, juicy, pleasant subacid; very good. August, September.

Apple Variety: Fanny


Farrar (Robinson Superb)

Origin, Virginia; tree upright, productive.

Fruit large, flesh crisp, juicy, mild subacid, good. September, October.


Origin, on farm of Joseph Fink, Somerset, Ohio; tree of strong, upright growth, a heavy annual bearer.

Fruit small, roundish oblate, regular; surface very smooth, polished, pale greenish yellow with crimson or brownish red blush; dots few, light; cavity medium, very regular, russeted; stem one inch long, moderately stout; basin shallow, broad, corrugated; calyx medium, open; tube long, funnel-shaped; flesh whitish, fine-grained, firm, juicy, mild, aromatic, subacid, good to very good. A remarkably late keeper, remaining sound until the second season or even later.

Flushing Spitzenburg

Of American origin. The young shoots are strong reddish brown, unlike the slender yellowish shoots of the Eso-pus Spitzenburg.

Fruit medium, regular, roundish conical; surface yellow, mostly covered with mixed dark red, overlaid with whitish; dots distinct, numerous, minute, russet; cavity deep, wide, regular, obtuse, some radiating russet; stem medium; basin very shallow, wide, with many small corrugations and ribs; calyx open; segments flat convergent. Core closed; cells round, entire; tube conical; stamens median; seeds plump; flesh white, juicy, pleasant, nearly sweet, good. October to February.


Origin, Groton, Massachusetts; tree moderately vigorous, spreading, productive.

Fruit above medium to large, roundish, slightly flattened at the ends, obscurely conical, somewhat ribbed, angular and uneven; surface yellowish green, shaded, mixed and splashed with rich deep red; dots minute, indented; cavity large, deep, acute, somewhat furrowed and wavy, green; stem short, slender; basin small, abrupt, furrowed; calyx small, closed. Core large, wide, open, clasping; seeds many, small, pointed; flesh yellow, tender, fine-grained, juicy, pleasant, rich aromatic subacid, very good. August, September.


Origin, Fulton Co., Illinois; tree large, vigorous, an annual bearer, productive.

Fruit medium to rather large, regular, oblate truncated, often oblique, surface rich light yellow with handsome deep crimson blush on sunny side, blush overlaid with whitish; dots distinct, numerous, large, gray; cavity deep, wide, obtuse, with radiate russet; stem medium, stout; basin wide, very shallow, smooth or slightly wrinkled; calyx half open; segments small, flat convergent. Core closed, round, small, clasping, sessile; cells obovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds many, small, plump, short; flesh yellowish, tender, juicy, fine-grained, mild aromatic subacid, almost sweet, very good. November to February.

Apple Variety: Fulton