Fallawater (Tulpehocken)

Origin, Pennsylvania; tree of strong growth and very productive. Very popular in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Fruit large to very large, round, slightly conical, very regular; surface smooth, yellowish green, shaded with dull red blush on sunny side, often overlaid with whitish net-veinings; dots many, distinct, large, gray with russet centres; cavity regular, narrow, acuminate, slightly russeted; stem short; basin slightly wrinkled, narrow, nearly flat; calyx large, open; segments divergent. Core open, meeting; cells elliptical, slit; tube conical, short; stamens marginal; seeds short, plump; flesh greenish white, light, crisp, tender, juicy, pleasant, mild subacid, good only. Early winter.

Apple Variety: Fallawater


Fall Harvey

Origin, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Fruit large, roundish, a little flattened; obscurely ribbed or irregular about the stem; surface pale straw yellow; dots few, scattered, gray, distinct; cavity wide, deep, wavy, green; stem rather slender, medium to long; basin rather shallow, wide corrugated, leather-cracked; calyx small, closed. Core regular, closed, not meeting, seeds medium, pointed, defective; flesh whitish, juicy, crisp with a rich good flavor, good to very good. October and November.

Fall Jenneting

Origin, Connecticut; tree vigorous, very productive.

Fruit large, oblate, slightly conical, angular, obscurely ribbed; surface smooth, pale greenish yellow, with a blush; dots rare, minute; cavity regular, deep, wide, russeted; stem short; basin shallow, plaited; calyx small, closed; segments divergent. Core small, regular, closed, clasping; seeds many, plump or imperfect; flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, tender, juicy, brisk subacid, good. September, October.

Fall Orange

Origin, Holden, Massachusetts; tree a strong grower and early bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish, regular; surface a rich yellow with some thin russet net-veinings and patches, sometimes a faint bronze blush; dots distinct, numerous, russet; cavity regular, very narrow, acute, with radiating russet; stem short; basin narrow, abrupt, smooth, small; calyx half open; segments divergent. Core closed; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump; flesh white, tender, juicy, subacid, good. September, October.

Apple Variety: Fall Orange

Fall Orange.

Fall Pippin

Of American origin; the fruit much resembles Holland Pippin, but the latter has a very short stem and obtuse cavity.

Fruit large, round, nearly regular, usually a little flattened, sometimes obscurely ribbed at calyx; surface greenish yellow covered with whitish veinings; dots obscure, numerous, suffused, white; cavity acuminate, wide, deep, slight trace of russet; stem slender, rather long, projecting beyond the fruit; basin shallow, narrow, smooth, regular; calyx closed. Core half open; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped,very long, wide, open to core; stamens marginal; seeds short, very plump; flesh juicy, yellow with yellow veinings, pleasant subacid, spicy, very good. October to December.

Apple Variety: Fall Pippin

Fall Pippin.