Origin, Missouri; a seedling of Ben Davis, much grown in its native state. It may be described in brief as a solid-colored Ben Davis, the broad dark crimson splashes being lost in the depth of coloring, and is a fruit of very attractive appearance. The Black Ben Davis resembles Gano closely and for a time the two were considered identical. The basin of Gano is nearly smooth and more abrupt; the seeds are larger; the calyx tube is funnel-shaped with usually a long slender stem to the funnel; stamens marginal; cells obovate, nearly entire; flesh like that of Ben Davis, season the same. Many regard Gano somewhat superior to Ben Davis in quality.

Apple Variety: Gano


Garden Royal.

Apple Variety: Garden Royal

Garden Royal

Origin, Sudbury, Massachusetts; tree of moderate, very upright growth, forming a beautiful, roundish, even head, very productive.

Fruit medium, or below, roundish oblate, very slightly conical; surface greenish yellow, shaded, striped and splashed with rich red, a little dull or grayish toward the stalk; dots few, light and gray; cavity deep, acute; stem medium, slender; basin shallow, slightly uneven; calyx open or partially closed; segments sometimes a little reflexed. Core small; flesh yellow, very tender, juicy, rich, mild subacid, aromatic, best. Last of August, September.


Origin unknown, probably central or northern Illinois. Size medium to large; shape nearly round, slightly flattened, regular; surface smooth, brilliantly colored, with scarlet and crimson streaks and splashes over a yellow ground; dots numerous, small and gray; basin rather deep, abrupt, regular; eye closed; cavity deep, narrow, slightly waved, russet; stem medium. Core wide, usually open, meeting the eye; seeds plump and numerous; flesh yellowish white, rather coarse-grained, firm; flavor subacid; quality good. Season November to January in Northern Illinois. (H. E. Van Deman.)


Origin, New Jersey; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, somewhat conical and angular; surface smooth, pale greenish yellow; dots whitish, distinct, very numerous; cavity rather shallow, acute; stem short, inclined; basin small, abrupt, furrowed; calyx small, closed. Flesh white, crisp, tender, juicy, brisk, pleasant subacid, good, valuable for cooking. July and August.


Originated by the late Peter M. Gideon, Excelsior, Minnesota.

Fruit large, roundish oblong conical, regular, slightly ribbed; surface a clear yellowish white with faint bronze blush, an attractive color; dots white, suffused, numerous, minute, distinct; cavity wide, medium deep; stem medium to long; basin wide, shallow, somewhat corrugated; calyx closed. Core large, half open, clasping; cells obovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds few, large, flattened, long, pointed; flesh white, juicy, brisk subacid, good. Late fall.