Origin unknown; tree vigorous with stout diverging branches.

Fruit medium or below, oblate, unequal; surface whitish yellow, shaded and obscurely striped with light red; dots numerous, small, light. Flesh yellowish white, half tender, moderately juicy, mild subacid, good. December to March.

Apple Variety: Hightop Sweet

Hightop Sweet.


Origin, North Carolina; tree vigorous, productive and an early annual bearer. Fruit valued for cooking and drying.

Fruit, large roundish oblate to roundish oval, ribbed, uneven; surface yellow, sometimes shaded with red, with small russet patches; dots few, sunken, large, gray and greenish; cavity deep, acute, wavy, russeted; stem medium to long; basin abrupt, plaited, corrugated; calyx closed. Core large, half open; flesh yellow, firm, coarse, tender pleasant subacid, good. August.

Hubbardston (Hubbardston Nonsuch)

Origin, Hubbardston, Massachusetts; tree of strong, spreading growth, very productive.

Fruit large, roundish oblong, conical, regular; surface yellow, covered with orange red and mixed bright brownish-red splashes and small stripes; dots few, gray, distinct; cavity deep, regular, narrow, russeted; stem short, slender; basin abrupt, wide, slightly ribbed and wrinkled, often russeted and leather-cracked; calyx open. Core large, closed, or nearly so, clasping; seeds few, pointed; flesh yellow, tender, juicy, very rich, slightly subacid, mingled with an agreeable sweetness, very good. Early winter.

Apple Variety: Horse



Origin, North Carolina; tree vigorous, very productive; popular in its native state.

Fruit large, roundish, somewhat flattened, irregular and oblique; surface smooth, bright greenish yellow, with delicate blush; dots few, white; cavity wide, wavy; stem short, slender; basin abrupt, rather deep, slightly ribbed; calyx small, closed; segments divergent. Core large, open, clasping; seeds many, angular, plump; flesh white, finegrained, tender, juicy, mild subacid, good. September, October.

Hunt Russet

Supposed origin, Concord, Massachusetts; tree of moderate growth, upright, spreading, good annual bearer.

Apple Variety: Hunt Russet

Hunt Russet.

Fruit medium, or below, roundish oblate, slightly conical; surface yellow, mostly covered with thin dull russet, with a blush of bright rich red in the sun; dots few, brown; cavity large, deep, acute; stem varying; basin medium, slightly corrugated; calyx partially open; segments medium, a little reflexed. Core compact; flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, tender, juicy, rich, brisk subacid, slightly aromatic, very good to best. January to April.


Origin, farm of John Huntsman, Fayette, Missouri; tree vigorous, not a very early bearer, but a heavy cropper with age.

Apple Variety: Huntsman


Fruit large, roundish oblate, obscurely angular; surface a clear yellow, with faint bronze blush, an attractive color; dots obscure, numerous, gray, small; cavity regular, wide, very deep, obtuse, green with faint trace of russet; stem short; basin abrupt, medium deep, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core half open, sessile; axis short; cells round, abaxile, slit, walls dark; tube broad, funnel-shaped, large, open to core; stamens marginal; seeds plump, rather small; flesh yellow, mild, spicy, sweet subacid, very good. December to March.