Haas (Gros Pomier, Fall Queen)

Origin near St. Louis, Missouri; tree of very strong upright growth, a good early annual bearer.

Fruit medium or above, roundish, oblate, conical, obscurely angular; skin thick, tough, becoming oily; surface yellow, almost or wholly covered with bright crimson, marbled, splashed and striped, a handsome fruit; dots very obscure, few, white, minute; cavity regular, acute, with trace of russet; stem short; basin abrupt, narrow; calyx half open. Core open; cells widely slit; tube funnel-shaped, open to core; stamens median; flesh snow-white, often stained red next to skin, juicy, subacid, with a peculiar quince-like texture; quality fair; use culinary. Late fall.


Of American origin; an old variety; tree vigorous, round-headed, productive; shoots dark, stout, blunt; foliage large, light green, terminal buds very large.

Fruit medium to large, roundish truncated; surface light yellow with bright red or dark crimson stripes and splashes on sunny side, covered with white bloom; dots distinct, few, white; cavity regular, rather narrow, with stellate russet; stem short; basin narrow, abrupt, smooth; calyx closed, small; segments erect convergent. Core small; cells round, small, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds long-pointed; flesh whitish, juicy, tender, acid, good; use kitchen and market only. August.

Apple Variety: Haas



Origin, North Carolina; tree of moderate growth, upright, very productive.

Fruit small, roundish oblate, slightly conical, regular; surface smooth, greenish yellow, mostly covered with bright red and crimson, mixed and striped; dots many, large, yellow and russet; cavity wide, deep, regular; stem long, slender, curved; basin narrow, shallow, wavy, plaited, leather-cracked; calyx small, closed. Core slightly open,clasping; seeds large,plump; flesh yellow, fine-grained, tender, juicy, rich, aromatic subacid, almost best. December to April.


Originated from seed of Fameuse by S. A. Ailing, Homer, Minnesota. Its characteristics indicate that it is a cross of Fameuse with Plumb Cider.

Fruit large, with shape of Plumb Cider and color of Fameuse; form roundish oblong conical; surface smooth, polished, yellow almost or wholly covered with brilliant dark crimson, with obscure splashes and stripes, coloring almost solid on sunny side; dots very obscure, few, whitish, minute; cavity regular, smooth, acuminate, narrow; stem long, slender; basin very shallow or flat, narrow, faintly wrinkled; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core slightly open, clasping, large; tube funnel-shaped; stamens extremely marginal, touching segments (the same as in Plumb Cider); seeds many, angular, short, pointed; flesh white, tender, delicate, juicy, pleasant subacid, much like Fameuse, very good. Early winter.


Originated in Polk Co., Georgia, and is no doubt a seedling of Shockley, which it resembles very much in size, color, productiveness and keeping capacity, but quality is much better. A valuable market variety in Georgia; tree a good grower, a regular and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium, conical; surface yellow, covered with crimson; flesh crisp, juicy, slightly vinous, subacid or rather sweetish. A late keeper. (G. H. Miller, Rome, Georgia.)