Judson(Thompson's Seedling No. 29)

Originated in Grundy County, northern Iowa, by J. S. B. Thompson. In fall of 1861 Mrs. Thompson saved the seed in her father's orchard of seedlings in New York.

Fruit large, roundish oblong, conical, regular; surface greenish yellow, mostly covered with dark red with crimson stripes and splashes on sunny side; dots distinct, white, few, small; cavity regular, medium deep, slightly acuminate with much stellate russet; stem long; basin shallow, narrow, abrupt, ribbed and minutely wrinkled; calyx half open; segments erect convergent. Core half open; cells ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens median; seeds few, short, plump, some imperfect; flesh white, subacid, good. Winter. (See Grundy.)


Origin, North Carolina; tree moderately vigorous, very productive.

Apple Variety: Julian


Fruit above medium, roundish, inclining to conic, unequal; surface waxen, whitish, striped, splashed, and mottled with rich red; dots few, light, some having dark centres; cavity deep, sometimes russeted; stem short, small; basin deep, slightly corrugated; calyx small, closed; segments long, slender, slightly reflexed. Flesh yellowish white, tender, juicy, pleasant subacid, good to very good. July and August.

Fourth Of July

Origin, Germany; tree of strong, upright growth, forming a fine head; a fruit closely resembling Tetofsky but very distinct in tree; an early and abundant bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish, oblate, conical, slightly ribbed; surface whitish yellow, covered with a thin whitish bloom, and striped and splashed with bright red; dots large, light; cavity medium, regular; stem rather short and slender, often with bracts; basin small, slightly uneven; calyx closed; segments rather long, generally reflexed. Core small; flesh white; juicy, sprightly, brisk subacid, good. July.


Origin, North Carolina; tree moderately vigorous, spreading.

Fruit medium to large, regular, roundish oblate, slightly conical; surface yellow, with some russet, lightly shaded on sunny side; dots few, minute, brown and gray; cavity large, deep, acute, with a little green russet; stem short, knobby; basin rather small, abrupt, nearly smooth; calyx small, closed. Core wide, regular, heart-shaped, small, closed; axis short; flesh yellowish, rather compact, moderately juicy, rich, spicy subacid, good to very good. November to March.