Kaump (Harry Kaump)

Origin, Wisconsin; tree very productive, and doing well in northern Iowa; now on trial list of Minnesota State Horticultural Society.

Fruit small, roundish, regular; surface yellowish green, sometimes with dull brown cheek; dots white, distinct, a few with russet centres; cavity acute, regular, with radiating patch of russet; stem medium; basin narrow, small, smooth, abrupt; calyx half open. Core open; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median or basal; seeds few, large, plump; flesh white, fine-grained, subacid, good. Winter.

Kent Beauty

Of English origin; tree of strong upright growth, a moderate bearer. One of the most handsomely colored apples, but of little value except for cooking.

Fruit very large, roundish, flattened at base, tapering toward the calyx; surface smooth, greenish yellow, with faint red patches on shaded side, on sunny side entirely covered with large rich purplish-red stripes with a few deep yellow patches; cavity wide, deep, acuminate, corrugated, with large patch of russeting extending out over the base; stem slender, short; basin narrow, angular, deep; calyx small, closed; segments short, erect convergent. Cells roundish obovate, abaxile;tube deep, conical; stamens median; flesh juicy, tender, crisp, pleasant subacid, fair. October to November.


Origin, North Carolina.

Fruit medium, roundish; surface moderately smooth with russet patches, yellow, washed with mixed red, splashed and striped with crimson; dots numerous, yellow, slightly indented; cavity regular, large, deep, gradual, russet; stem medium, slender; basin regular, medium, furrows, and leather-cracking; calyx small, partially closed; segments small, converging. Core large, roundish, clasping; seeds numerous, medium, brown, plump; flesh yellowish, medium, fine, breaking, juicy, subacid, slightly astringent, good to very good. Winter. (U. S. Div. of Pomology, 1902.)

Keswick (Keswick Codlin)

Of English origin; tree vigorous, very productive, and an early bearer. Excellent for culinary use as it cooks well even when half-grown.

Fruit rather large, somewhat conical, angular, obscurely ribbed; surface pale greenish yellow on shaded side, on sunny side deeper yellow with faint blush; cavity deep, russeted; stem short, downy; basin rather deep, somewhat corrugated; calyx closed; segments long, narrow, connivent; cells ovate lanceolate, abaxile; tube conical; stamens median; flesh pale yellowish white, very juicy, tender, brisk, pleasant acid, good for cooking. September and October, but may be used as early as August.

Kinnard (Kinnard's Choice)

Originated on farm of the late Michael Kinnard, of Franklin, Tenn.; tree vigorous, not very upright, an early and annual bearer, producing heavier crop alternate years. Fruit medium, oblate, inclining to conic, slightly angular, or obscurely ribbed, sides sometimes unequal; surface yellow, almost covered with dark rich red; dots near basin many, small, light, near base larger and fewer; cavity wide, deep, russeted; stem short, small, sometimes by a lip; basin large, deep, furrowed; calyx closed. Core small; tube obtusely conical; flesh yellowish, half fine, crisp, tender, juicy, mild rich subacid, slightly aromatic, very good. January.

Apple Variety: Kinnard



Of American origin; tree of slow, upright growth, an early and heavy bearer.

Fruit small to medium, oblong conic, broadly ribbed, sometimes inclined and unequal, very irregular; surface smooth, yellowish white; dots few, very minute, obscure, suffused, whitish; cavity narrow, acute, regular, with irregular russet patch; stem long, slender, green; basin narrow, abrupt, slightly corrugated; calyx small, closed, segments long-pointed, erect convergent. Core rather large, open, meeting; cells elliptical, slit; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds numerous, very plump, blunt; flesh white, very tender, fine-grained, juicy, pleasant subacid, too tender for distant shipment, very good. August and September.


Origin, Berks Co., Pennsylvania; tree large, vigorous, spreading, very productive.

Fruit medium, roundish conic; surface whitish yellow, much striped and splashed with bright red and dark crimson; cavity medium; stem rather short; basin small, corrugated; flesh white, tender, mild, subacid, good to very good. December, March.